Kubuntu Dapper live CD optimization


Preparing boot trace

  1. Build image squashfs_trace using script for remastering live CDs: ./scripts/remaster-live-cd.sh kubuntu.iso ./customize-dir-examples/squashfs_trace/
  2. Run this CD. After boot open apps which are most commonly used (for example: look through menus, open home directory and a browser).
  3. Copy file /dev/.squash.log to file squashfs.log. Then copy it to your workstation (using for example scp).
  4. Cut file names from log using first script, save it to files.list.
  5. Sort files by first access using second script - save it as rootfs.sort in customization directory.


First, naive approach - laying out files by first access

Base Kubuntu live CD version: RC1
ISO image with bootchart (torrent)
ISO image with changed layout and with bootchart (torrent)

Manually measured time until desktop (strictly speaking Kicker) appears:

Sorting by first access, but moving readahead files closer to the edge

Results are worse for about 10 seconds.

Next steps